About the Team

Business Cents Radio has been on the air for over four years, tackling issues and concerns of people across all spectrums. BCR Radio airs ten times per week in California and the BCR Radio 2-hour Saturday show airs nationwide every Saturday and Sunday on the iHeartRadio radio network.

Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

Edward is a senior-level executive with extensive experience in computer systems, finance, administration, and public accounting. Edward’s experience in diverse industries includes light and heavy manufacturing, retail industries, food and restaurant industry leaders, government and military defense industries, public schools, and banking industries. Edward has proven abilities to improve operations, develop business growth and maximize profits. Prior to Alliance Career Training Solutions, Edward worked as an Accountant, a Finance Director, VP of Finance, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief Executive Officer.

Edward King | Host of Business Cents Radio

Kristin Hurley is first and foremost a devoted mom and wife! She spent many happy homeschooling years helping her children to “think outside the box” and take responsibility for their own education. Since then, Kristin has tackled umpteen professional adventures in sales and marketing, education, electronics manufacturing, and most recently managing a political campaign for a Congressional Candidate. When the world went crazy in 2020, Kristin found her voice in advocacy work and media, fighting the tides of government running amok. She is creator and former host of “Mama Bears Radio Show,” where she challenged prevailing media narratives and rallied listeners for defense of the family and the restoration of America. She is thrilled to join Business Cents Radio Network to further prosper independent journalism, preserve First Amendment speech, and help heal our nation.

Kristin Hurley - Co-host

Mark Carbonaro is an all-around “utility man” in the radio business. Whatever it is that needs to be done around a radio station, you’ll find Mark doing it. Whether it’s producing and hosting a live broadcast out in the community, participating on the board of a non-profit, or fixing broken broadcast equipment, Mark is there. A longtime broadcaster with over thirty years on-air in the Monterey Bay Area, Mark has his fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in our community. Mark believes that “Radio is the most effective means to reach and move people and it’s an honor to serve the audiences in our community with information and entertainment that is topical, relevant, and meaningful to their lives.

Mark Carbonaro - Producer

Sarah Moltz is a digital marketer, avid reader and Green Bay Packers fanatic. Sarah's last few years in the industry have included various aspects in the digital marketing world between social media, digital advertising, web development, content creation and project management. Florida native, and Indiana University of Pennsylvania alum, Sarah has lived in four different states and has finally settled back in Pittsburgh where she sees herself residing for the near future. With a degree in Communications Media, she hopes to improve her skills in web marketing and expand her knowledge in the web development and design world.

Sarah Moltz - Marketing